Ola and Uber compete strongly for Indian market

Ola and Uber are fierce rivals in the Indian taxi market. Though Uber has established itself across the world Ola remains the market winner in India. According to Truecaller, mobile directory firm 102 million calls were made between Ola and its users and 39 million calls were made between Uber and its customer.

Though the call data is not enough to say how much Ola is bigger than Uber, it is definitely enough to give the verdict that Ola is a market leader. The number of incoming calls for uber is 13.6 million while that of Uber is 42.5 million. The number of outgoing calls for Uber is 25.4 million and 59.5 million of Ola.

The amount of calls alone cannot be proportional to the customer base because there may be multiple calls made due to a single customer or the customer response maybe through e-mails. However the call distribution stands at 72 percent for Ola and 28 percent to uber. However Ola is leading in terms of the number of cities it is operating in and cars it has registered. Ola is currently present in 102 cities and has 4,50,000 drivers and Uber in 26 cities with 2,50,000 drivers.

Both the companies have hurled charges and accusations at each other. Ola was sued by Uber for making fake bookings which led to the loss of goodwill among the customers. Both are competing fiercely in motor bike services in the city of Bangalore. Ola has early bird advantage in India with respect to Uber.

New ride sharing startup is the future public transit

The ride sharing market is gaining its popularity around the United States and each service provider tries to offer better service than their competitors.

The ride sharing companies like Lyft and Uber has a feature called the carpooling, in which many riders who are riding in the same direction can share their ride and they can pay less than the normal ride. The benefit of the feature is that the number of cars that ride on the road gets reduced and it in turn reduces the traffic, it also reduces the pollution.

Oren Shoval and Daniel Ramot launched a new carpooling app called Via, and they said that their new startup will be the public transportation in the future. The vision of Via has discard the single vehicle ride by creating a mass transportation system with data and advanced algorithm. The cofounders said that the city’s Transpiration Service is unable to provide proper supply to the rising demand and hence their startup ill provide a solution to the emission and traffic congestion.

The startup said they have raised seventy million dollars in the Series C funding and expect thirty dollars fund within a few days. Via is more efficient than a bus and it is cost effective than the taxis and it provides the carpooling service, but the main difference between Lyft and Uber is that the ride ends within a few blocks before the destined place.

The process of booking is similar to that of the other ride sharing services, the rider has to book using the mobile app and the system will group many drivers riding in the same direction. In New York and Manhattan, Via provides service from 6 am to midnight. They have plans to expand their business in other cities in the US.

UberX is available in a city in Arizona

Uber is the leading online transportation multinational company in the United States and it operates business around the globe. On March 4th, 2016 Uber launched its service in Lake Havasu City in Arizona, so the residents of the city can make use of the Uber service. UberX is the feature of Uber that offers affordable and reliable service in the price range.

The drivers who register with Uber undergo a strict screening process to ensure that the drivers are clear from any crime activities and they should have an insurance policy. And the riders have to send a request in their Uber app to book a ride which will be intimated to the drivers. After the end of a particular ride, both the driver and the rider have to rate each other on the scale ranging from 1 to 5 stars.

The vehicles in the UberX feature are from mid range to hybrid variety and they are available in different colors, four passengers can travel in the vehicle. The rides are cost effective for example, to ride from London Bridge Resort to Turtle beach bar it costs nine dollars, to ride from Hampton Inn to Stagger Lee it costs fourteen dollars and Barley Bros restaurant to Lake Havasu city airport costs twenty dollars.

Since Uber gives first priority to customer satisfaction and safety, the riders can have a safe ride with the ride sharing company. Because the riders can rate the driver’s performance and they can also provide feedback on the company’s official site or mobile app. Only limited vehicles are available in the city, but the company will increase the number of vehicles in the future.

Private jet service shuts down its business

BlackJet is a private jet service started in 2012 by Garret Camp the cofounder of Uber and its investor Shervin Pishever. Then many celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Jay Z, Tim Ferriss and Mark Benioff.The customers who wish to book individual seats in the private jet have to register in BlackJets’s official website or mobile app and they have to pay an annual membership fee of two thousand five hundred dollars. Compared to the other private jet services or flight services in the United States, BlackJet provides quick hassle free and elegant service.

Former employee of BlackJet said that most of the times the flight would be empty and sometimes there will be less than eight customers, and the cost of the seats are twenty thousand dollars, so most of the people do not wish to ride if the seats are not guaranteed. And soon many employees left the company, but the investors were willing to invest in the private jet service.

The company met with several turbulences between services and massive layoffs in 2013. Dean Rotchin the CEO of BlackJet said that due to the unexpected step down by a responsible team member and due to the inhibit membership sales and delay in the long term and short term financial options they are planning to shut down the business. BlackJet was generally called the Uber for jet during the initial stages when it ventured into the business, but later due to several issues and financial crises the private jet startup could not sustain in the market.

Uber completes its billionth ride and is happy about it

Uber, the world largest transportation network is happy and proud of its efficient service. The company was found by Travis kalanick in 2009 and it has become the most valuable startup in the world. Kudos to Uber for offering splendid service despite all those controversies! The valuable startup worth $51 billion has another reason to celebrate its success; it has just completed its billionth ride throughout its years of service. How freaking awesome is that? Imagine the number of riders and drivers who have shared Uber services, very surreal, eh?

Uber has become stronger and wider in the past few years due to its phenomenal ride hailing service. We must not forget the marketing and advertising team for reaching a word out to people across the globe. The American startup worth $51 billion has rivals in many countries across the globe and Lyft is one of the major rivals. Uber has implemented many features for its users and several of them are massive hits. Likewise, Lyft has also implemented features that are very similar to the ones from Uber. Seems like a very close competition, eh?

Recently, Uber completed its billionth ride and was really proud about it and it offered free services for its rider and driver from the “precious ride” as a token of reward. The company even acknowledged charity works in the city where the so called “billionth ride” took place, well done guys! Also, Uber is looking to extend its service by doing “feel good” campaigns.

Lyft Beats Uber to Become First Ride Sharing App

Lyft becomes the first ride hailing company which got approved to pick up and drop passengers at International Airport of Los Angeles.

The ride hailing company beat its rival Uber, which handled million of passengers in the year 2014 and is considered to be the world’s fifth busiest ride hailing company. The pink moustache company is beating all the ride sharing companies through its new idea of Airport pick up and drop.

The company will soon launch ‘Lft-off’ at LAX which allow the passenger to land safer way to get to and from airport. LAX’s terminal has undertaken a makeover which includes a rail link but meanwhile passengers can access other options to have an excellent experience.

The Los Angeles city council approved the license agreement promoting ways for transportation network company pickups as long as they pay four dollars per trip to the Airport.

This is not the first time Lyft beats Uber through an airport, it already beats the ride hailing company in a deal with Las Vegas Airport. Lyft offered some amount of money to the entire customer for their travel to and from airport.

The Airport is considered to be the right place for companies like Lyft and Uber to show their numerous interests. The regular taxi owner will be persuaded  to prevent startups from imposing on their turf.

According to a survey, forty five among the hundred Airports prohibited the ride sharing companies in the United States.

The New Trucking Business Wins Billions of Industry

Convoy an online based company in Seattle was launched a few months back presenting ‘Umber for trucking ’. This app connects local carriers with shippers based on the capacity, payload, capacity and distance. The local carriers are provided with options, whether to accept or reject a job.

The company says that there are millions of trucking companies in the United States with a maximum of six trucks, where they will send their drivers to short distances. Some amount of trucking industry emerges from spot markets, which is considered to be short notice shipments that drives the price of shipping based on the demand.

Convey plans to develop its on-demand business in that spot providing enough opportunities for trucking. Sometimes the drivers will be working full days and sometimes it lasts for an hour depending upon its business demand, but they can return home at night, where most of the goods are moved to a maximum of 100 miles.

Team up with Silicon Valley helped the chief executive to build a list of investors for this business.

Convoy aims to change the industry which changes customer expectations where it will focus on small, medium and large sized business. It works on the algorithm will satisfies the requirements of various industries and customers.  The app uses dashboards to control shipments and GPS to get delivery status. Convoy plans to expand it further with its involvement in construction, retail wholesalers and manufacturing.

The status of jobs in the ‘Uber economy’

Freelancers, part timers, micro gigs, contractors, temps, and day laborers are increasing every day. Thanks to the companies like Uber and TaskRabbit for recruiting part timers, sarcasm much? The new trend is dangerously increasing due to which the professional workers or full-timers would soon be completely evacuated in near future. Many companies like Amazon are offering $2 for the so called “1 hour” work for people who want to make use of their spare time. Also, the researchers say the robots and the automated tools would soon replace humans in near future. It would be a dreadful nightmare for people who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs.

However, Uber says it wants to make sure its employees feel like CEOs of their own jobs. But honestly speaking, part timers or micro gigs can also be referred to as “one night stands”. There is not a big difference between those two professions. It could be a threat to people who are working as full timers and due to which the corporate world would be totally devastated. The critics say companies like Uber, and Airbnb are biggest black markets that are reaping money off its users. Create a billion dollar company like use with cabily software www.dectar.com/taxi-dispatch-software

Labor brokerage is a cheeky trap that has been spread for people from India, Philippines and other developing countries. People with career oriented dreams landing in the States are mostly employed with freelancing jobs. Let us hope it does not completely destroy the jobs economy and turn people into lazy servant-like lunatics!       

Uber’s list of top wine destinations

Uber, the US-based online transportation company has become the most used transport service across the globe. People now use the so called “superhero service” to travel to wine destinations across the globe. Uber has released its favorite list of destinations that are solely meant for wine.

Silver Oak Cellars

Uber’s top most favorite wine destination, Silver Oak Cellars winery was found in 1972. You must book in advance in order to taste their winery collection. You also get to keep the glasses as a token of gratitude.

Mumm Napa

Incase if you are looking for a sparkly wine, give this a place a try. This place offers some exciting deals exclusively for Uber riders.

V.Sattui winery in St. Helena

If you are looking for a fun filled and casual day out with breathtaking collections of wine, then do not ever miss this place.  There are also rich produces like salmon and prawn that go well with wine.

Darioush winery

This 22,000 square foot dream destination for wine lovers is a place to die for. It is also known for its unique and artistic Persian culture

Artesa Winery

To glam up the evening, you can definitely choose this destination. It has splendid sceneries that would spice up the wine tasting experience

Robert Mondavi Winery

The famous winery came to existence in 1966 with its wide collection of wine. If you are looking forward to spend an evening with your date, this is the right place!

Castello di Amorosa

It’s the best place for people who want to be treated like kings and Queens. You get to taste wine in a castle, how cool is that? It is definitely worth your time and money!

Alpha Omega Winery

The boutique winery gives you a private space to spend quality time with your friends and family. It sets up a beautiful backdrop during your wine tasting moment.

Cakebread Winery

This place offers a treat to your senses and it is known for its classic touch to its wine collection. It treats its customers as one big family.

Domaine Chandon

It has a classy vibe to it and it is a must visit for a group of friends who are looking to have a mini vacation. The French winemaker sure knows how to please his customers.

Del Dotto Estate Winery and Caves

The place is known for its quality wine produced from handpicked grapes. It is a family owned winery that would tempt you to visit back again.

Stag’s Leap

The place gives you the vintage look and it is a classic place for wine tasting. It also provides 90 minutes tour in addition to its exquisite wine collection.

Uber gets million investment from Tata Fund

Tata fund invested millions in the ride hailing company Uber, which is considered to be a part of its new financing round. The Tata is the first company investing Uber outside India, while the company tries to get investment from Asian investors as it face heavy competition from its local Asian rivals like Ola, Singapore’s Grab Taxi and many more.

Uber’s focus is to build a service to millions of Indians, thus giving a crucial experience for Tata in helping the company meet its goal. Uber announces a fund raiser over 1 billion dollars from Microsoft Corp and some more investors with which the company has not revealed yet.

Uber also announced that it will deploy over 1 billion dollars in India in the next nine months, as it did in China.

Without having any idea about the investment size uber’s president said that the deal will be very strategic.

A lot of amount which has been allocated to India will be used by Uber for discounts and promotions, which is currently operating in 18 cities of India.

Uber has formed many other partnerships which include its partnership with Baidu in China and AmericaMovil in America. The company has already been disturbed by various issues across the world. Introducing some payment methods like mobile wallets, Uber is still working with some of the cab business which helps them to fit in the Indian market.

Uber is planning to extend its service to more cities launching new payment options and new products.